Derby & Your Knees: Coexistence is Possible – by Pyro Maim Ya

You can still find me on Hex Chromosome’s blog – watch for more derby-specific workouts and clean recipes!

Hex Chromosome

Tired of having your knees feel like @$#& after practice or a game? Yes, better knee pads can help, but it isn’t the whole story. Let Pyro Maim Ya, personal trainer at Pynk Fitness,  be your guide to being able to skate longer. Because quitting is for hosers. YOU HEAR THAT, KNEES?

Strengthening and protecting your knees

As I type this article, I’m icing my knee.  It’s become a routine after practice or a run these days, although it took awhile for the habit to stick. In fact, it took several years for any of the advice I was given about my knees to stick. What can I say?  I’m stubborn and they seemed just fine. My hope is that you’ll heed my words and take steps now to protect, strengthen and extend the life of your lovely knees so you won’t be purchasing full replacements long before you…

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