Natural Pain Relievers by Pyro Maim Ya

Given how sore I am today, it feels apropos to reblog this article I wrote last year about my favorite natural pain relievers.

Hex Chromosome

Natural Pain Remedies by Pyro Maim Ya’ of  Pynk Fitness

[or as my daughter calls them, “Mommy’s hippie medicines”]

I’m not a big fan of painkillers.  Well, I take that back.  I was a HUGE fan of painkillers after my leg surgery, along with whiskey and poor decisions in general. These days, my body is a gaudily decorated temple that I’m nourishing as naturally as possible – I really don’t even like to take OTC painkillers anymore.  I’m an old busted-up derby gal though, so the need for pain management frequently arises.  When it does, I’m really thankful to have these supplements on hand.

Most of these are anti-inflammatories, just like your over the counter drug of choice.  They’re also mood boosters, which helps when you’re hurtin’.  It’s important to note that the simplest remedies – rest, ice and elevation – are also frequently the most effective remedies, so…

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