Clean Eating – How to Fuel Your Body by Pyro Maim Ya

I’m dragging out an old article tonight to expand on for a chapter in my upcoming book. Enjoy!

Hex Chromosome

 Nothing is worse than getting to practice and just not being to make it through. Your muscles aren’t sore, you slept well the night before, so what gives? Well, proper nutrition may be the answer to your woes. As it turns out, cheetos are not the valuable body fuel we once all thought they were (but gluten free!). Our lovely Hexpert, Pyro Maim Ya, is our resident personal trainer and nutrition advisor. Let her be your guide to more energy and better performance.

As I was rushing from a client session to practice the other day, I realized that I needed to stop for gas again – like all busy ladies, I do a ton of driving, which means I have to fill up my tank pretty frequently. My stomach was rumbling as the gallons ticked away, and it hit me – I had not filled up my own nutritional…

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