Pinkify Your Hair – How to Keep Your Color Vibrant

October seems like a great time to reblog this article, since I am asked nearly every day of the month whether I dyed my hair for breast cancer awareness month. I usually respond that I am aware and support the cause every day and through multiple events, but that I just make the most sense in October. I will say this – if you want every spectator at Race for the Cure to cheer wildly for you (and for a few to request pictures after), then pink up that mane, darlin’. What’s aberrant 11 months of the year is celebrated for 31 days.

Hex Chromosome

Truly pink hair is a commitment on par with marriage. That noise takes work. Days of refusing to get in chlorinated water, walking around with pink fingertips, and generally wearing hats. We actually have enough info to fill TWO POSTS with this awesomeness. Let’s start with MagPie, shall we?


The Pyro Maim Ya Edition

I’ve been coloring my hair in some form or fashion since I was 10 years old, and the first color I ever tried was – you guessed it – pink.  It was a fuchsia-hued styling gel that did nothing to control my ginger frizz, but it made me feel like Cyndi Lauper.  I’ve tried just about every shade imaginable since, but I’ve always come back to pink. It just best represents my personality – as I like to tell people, it’s an outward expression of the insane energy that powers me. Also, it…

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