Mix n Match Derby Workout by Pyro Maim Ya

Sharing this far and wide by request from my beloved Assassination City Roller Derby – I guest-coached recently with an off skates workout and kinesio taping demo and as promised, I’m sharing my go-to list of off skates exercises to customize your own cross training circuit. Please feel free to share this article in its entirety with your team, league, friends, etc.

Hex Chromosome

Mix’n’match off-skates workout

 by Pyro Maim Ya of Pynk Fitness

Skating is the bees’ knees, but it won’t provide you with all the training you need to excel at roller derby. If you want to increase your flexibility, improve your core strength and balance (which go hand in hand, bee-tee-dub) and increase your quickness and agility, then I highly recommend regular off-skates training sessions.

I run a weekly off-skates workout for my league and offer personal training sessions, so I’ve amassed a collection of options for a mix and match workout you can share with your team. Just pick 2-3 exercises from each category in the order they’re laid out here; run each exercise for 30-60 seconds each or 10-15 reps each depending on exercise and skill level. All of these exercises are adaptable and the variations can be used to challenge more advanced athletes.

(Don’t forget to start with…

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